Is Your Office Senior Proof?

You’ve heard of Baby Proofing your home. Similarly, you should take actions to Proof your office for your Aging Adult target market.

A few years back, an older gentleman was in one of our family’s Hearing Care offices. We had recently moved into a suite in a brand new office building that housed various other businesses. As he was leaving our office, he walked smack into the building’s glass exit door, not realizing there was actually a door there. After this incident, we made sure there was some sort of sign on the door to make sure that it was very apparent there was a door there.

How many obstacles like this are in your office?

Senior Proof Checklist:

  • Furniture should be arranged so that there is plenty of space to navigate through your office.
  • Chairs should be easy to rise out of – preferably with arm rests for extra “in and out” support.
  • Make sure walkways are free of cords, rugs that can flip up, tables, etc. that can cause a trip hazard.
  • If you do have rugs, tack or tape them down.
  • Waiting rooms, hallways, restrooms and offices should be well lit.
  • All entrances, exits and restrooms should be clearly marked with large print.
  • If you have glass doors or large windows, consider posting signs or decals at eye level.
  • Make sure any outdoor spaces are also free of obstacles and clearly marked.
  • Also make sure your office is clearly marked and easily accessible. If you are in an office that is “off the beaten path” consider adding signs pointing customers in the right direction.
  • If you are in a northern area, always make sure walkways and parking lots are plowed and salted.

More ideas for making your office more appealing to the Aging Adult:

  • Soft background music that is neither too soft or too loud
  • Reading material of interest to the Aging adult – Travel, Cooking, News, etc.
  • Offer  Refreshments – fresh coffee, tea, hot cocoa and water work great!
  • Snacks – cereal bars, small bags of chips, donuts.

There are many promotional products available that allow you to add your name and logo to water bottles, snacks, coffee cups, etc. Take advantage of snack time to push your brand!

Check out these activities from Texas A&M:

Sensitize your staff to the process of aging & truly get to know your target market!

Have other ideas for making your office Aging Adult Friendly? We would love to hear them!