Hearing Aid Marketing: You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Can you think of any part of business that has changed more in the last ten years than marketing? We have seen drastic changes in technologies, processes, philosophies, and even new marketing mediums.

However, one thing has changed decision-making in marketing more than just about anything else: Accountability.

If you sell hearing aids, no doubt you have seen this scenario:

You need more appointments, so you decide to boost your marketing efforts. You spend thousands of dollars on a direct mail marketing campaign that you’ve never tried before.  You pick out the zip codes closest to your locations, have your materials printed and mailed, and you hope for the best. Your office seems busy.

But did it work?

Do you know which zip codes responded better than others?

More importantly, did you maximize the return on your investment?

Gone are the days of huge marketing budgets spent on long-term branding strategies.

Owners and CFO’s want provable results before marketing budgets are approved. So we need to be smarter and more efficient about tracking results and demonstrating a positive ROI than ever before.

What’s surprising in the hearing aid industry is the number of practices, and even marketing organizations, that still do not effectively track and monitor results from marketing campaigns. And the reason I say it’s surprising is: tracking results is not difficult, not expensive, and not even that time-consuming.In fact, I’d say if there was ever a no-brainer in the industry, call tracking is it!

If you don’t already know, call tracking is simply an 800 number or a local number that is unique to a marketing campaign.  Since it only appears on a specific advertisement, then we can tie any response to a unique marketing effort.

Benefits of Call Tracking

  • Real-time campaign metrics and online summary reports
  • Automatically capture caller phone number, location, and name & address when available
  • Objectively compare effectiveness of each marketing source / Ad campaign
  • Enables you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads
  • Make informed decisions based on actual metrics (rather than assuming)
  • Provides insight Into staff performance and alerts you to lost sales opportunities

Sure you love your staff, but did they convert as many of the leads you received to appointments as they could have? There’s no better process for gauging staff performance than monitoring recorded calls.

Benefits of Call Monitoring

  • Hear for yourself what your customers are saying.
  • Enables you to review how well your employees handle leads.
  • Empowers effective training on sales / customer service skills.
  • Retain your key front office staff by empowering them to grow and succeed.

Did we mention that we provide these services at no extra cost?

Our goal as partners who care about your practice and the results of the campaigns we manage is to provide a process that can bring you just one more sale.  Consequently, we voluntarily spend hours a day monitoring recorded calls and providing advice and constructive criticism to our customers.  Through those efforts we have helped capture dozens, if not hundreds, of sales opportunities that would have otherwise been lost.

We absolutely love the accountability that call tracking affords us because it gives us tangible results to measure and a way for us to demonstrate response lift to our valued clients.

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