Essential Social Media Tips for Your Practice

Are you using social media marketing for your Hearing Care practice?

You should be.

Of course you need to use traditional mediums, like direct mail, to drive new customers to your office.

However, you also need to incorporate social media into your marketing mix in order to retain what we like to call “the golden customers”  loyal customers who return to you…  who upgrade… and refer friends and family.

Social media is NOT a instant gratification, “send-me-a-sale-now” tool. It is a marketing medium that will bolster your practice in the long run – giving your practice authority, familiarity and likability – essential elements in running a successful hearing care, ENT, or audiology practice.

Whether you already have a robust social media presence or you are just starting out, here are some great tips on making it better.

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How to Use Social Media for your Audiology Practice

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Did you know there are more people over the age of 50 using Pinterest than using Twitter?

True story. Yet very few practices in the hearing industry are utilizing Pinterest. Get a leg up on your competition and start using Pinterest people! BUT make sure you are doing it right, otherwise you are just wasting your time.

Here are some great articles on why and how to use Pinterest for your hearing care practice (plus a snazzy infographic for your viewing pleasure!)

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