What I Learned About Hearing Care Direct Mail from a Purse Party

Recently I hosted a Thirty-One party. (It’s more than just purses… but you get the idea.)

As I was working with my friendly Consultant to get ready for the party, she told me she needed my friends’ and families’ addresses to send out invitations.

 “Can’t I just send invites via email or Facebook?” I said. That just seemed so much easier to me.  I don’t want to have to worry about mailing invitations! I’m too busy.

My consultant told me:

“Well, those tend to get ignored and lost in the shuffle. Mailing an invitation is the best way to get more people to your party. Facebook and email is great for keeping people updated on changes or sending reminders about specials (for the people who actually pay attention), but getting mail in the hand is the best way to have more attendees at your party.”

Well duh! I knew this! This is what we do every day for our Audiology & Hearing Care clients.

But it was refreshing to hear from the “Purse Lady”.

We see this over and over again with our hearing care clients across the country. Direct mail drives the most traffic in the hearing aid industry, especially when it’s with an invitation style. However, I have always felt strongly that this was mainly because of the Senior market that we target.

It was re-assuring to here that Thirty-One – one of the most popular and fast growing direct sell companies out there – is using many of the same tactics that we recommend for our clientsEven though the target market is for the mid-20s to mid-40 busy and working moms (like myself), an invitation sent in the mail is still stronger than an email or social media post.

And they really know what they are doing. I am addicted to these bags and organizers. It’s kind of ridiculous. If you talk to Alex, he’ll tell you the same. (Also give him a little sympathy for dealing with my Thirty-One addiction).

The proof is in the pudding… or pursesDirect mail works. It is still the best way to drive traffic to your door. Of course you need email, social media and web sites to remind your customers that you are out there and trustworthy, but keeping up your sales volume requires making direct mail an essential part of your marketing mix.