Stop Selling Hearing Aids Now

No this isn’t another one of those scare tactics.

But seriously, you really need to stop “selling” hearing aids in your office and work harder on selling yourself.

Here’s why…

Your Customers Are Buying You, Not Just Your Hearing Aids

According to a customer service study sponsored by ZenDesk , excellence in customer service was ranked#1 reason that impacted buying decision, over price, brand and financial stability.

There are many companies out there selling hearing aids. Online retailers are pushing the cheapest prices and big brands are pushing big-time technology – but what your customer truly wants is a friendly person to help her understand her options and to make her hear well.

Your customer wants a real person

Be that person – the Audiologist, ENT or Hearing Instrument Specialists who is down-to-earth,  Consistent, Trustworthy and Likable. Your customer really does not want to buy a hearing aid. It’s not a fun purchase.

So you need to sell yourself and your practice first, the hearing aids are secondary.

We’ll post more on just how to do this in our next blog. Stay tuned…