How to Market Hearing Aids to Boomers

The Boomer generation.

You know them. You love them. You may even be one of them.

You know (and the Boomers know) that they are increasingly in need of an Audiologist, ENT or Hearing Instrument Specialist.

So what is the best way to connect with this savvy market? 

I have read more and more articles lately discussing how Baby Boomers are more proactive with their health – and that contrary to some popular beliefs that Boomers feel hearing aids “make them look old” – Boomers are actually more open than previous generations to seeking help from Audiologists or hearing care provider for a suspected hearing loss.

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Here are some tips to ensure you are positioning yourself to be in front of this growing market of hearing impaired individuals. 

1. Audiologists, ENTs & HIS: Freshen Up Your Look

The Boomer generation does not want to look and feel old (well, no one really does, do they?)

So make sure your practice, web site, logo and marketing are not making YOU look old. Time to freshen up and get with the times. You need to keep up with this fashion, technology and healthcare savvy generation. (We can help you with the web site and logo part.)

And here is a big one… please don’t send Boomers a direct mail piece with someone that looks like an old Senior. Even Seniors don’t view themselves as old Seniors – neither do the Boomers.

2. Boomers Are Searching. Make Sure They Can Find You 

Pick up your cell phone. Pull up your internet search and type in “hearing aids {insert your city, state here}”.

Does your practice come up within the top 5 results? If not, you need some search marketing help (we can help with that too, just give us a call).

Now, once again using your cell phone – take a look at your web site.

Is it mobile friendly? Easy to navigate? Boomers are increasingly using mobile to find services and research healthcare options. Make sure your site is easy to navigate.

3. Be Social, But Don’t Rely On It 

Are you social yet? If not, go set up pages now on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ andPinterest. Don’t walk, run and do it now.

If you are – most likely it’s not driving tons of traffic to your practice saying “I love your Tweets! Can I buy a hearing aid from you?” (Unless you have a really, really good social media manager). Of course you need traditional marketing (like direct mail andtelemarketing) to help drive your sales volume as well.

But don’t discount the power of social! Even if your customers are not interacting with you in droves. Even if you have a very small following and only have time to update it once a week (or so) – you need to be out there and updating continuous. It builds trust, likability(if you do it right) and freshens your brand appearance.

You know how we said “Don’t look old”? Well nothing ages your practice more than not being social. At the least, create a presence to prove you are with the times! (It also helps your web site to have better rankings on Google)

4. Segment Your Direct Mail

We say it over and over. Direct mail is not a one-size-fits-all for every hearing care practice.

For different regions of the country – based on population size, socioeconomic factors, competition, etc – certain formats and messages will perform better than others. Likewise for the age range.

Are you ready to target the Boomers in your area? Don’t just expand the age range.You need to use messages that will appeal to this generation – which likely will be something different then what appeals to the Boomer’s parents! (The Boomers were notorious for being rebellious as teens and twenty-somethings… what makes you think they will act like their parents now? )

Below are just a couple of the messages that we recommend for the Boomer market–however – the type of format that will work best in your area will vary.

You need a direct mail specialist  to help you determine what will work the best. Someone who has targeted Seniors and Boomers all over the country and know what formats and messages increase open rates and calls (like a Beeman Marketing consultant!)  All of our hearing care direct mail pieces are 100% customizable.

Don’t see a design that fits with your brand?

We will work with you to create a new piece (that includes our secret ingredients) at no extra cost.

Visit our Direct Mail Samples for more designs.

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