December is for Hearing Aid Telemarketing

$1,225 investment for

$50,000 in sales? 

Yes please. 

Why is December for Telemarketing?

Control the Weather Factor

I don’t think December has stable, beautiful, weather anywhere in the Continental U.S.

(Correct me if I’m wrong Southern / Southwestern readers)

With telemarketing, if you see a snowstorm on its way (or crazy rain storm or hurricane) just give us a call and we will put your telemarketing promotion on hold.

We will save your pre-purchased hours until you are ready to start again.

Eliminate Downtime

Many of our clients took advantage of our Holiday direct mail promotions.

Most of the promotions are taking place between Dec 8th – 19th… but what about the rest of December?

Here is where telemarketing is ideal.

Turn the service off and on at will,  to fill your appointment books whenever you feel you need a few extra appointments.

Because who couldn’t use a few more sales during the Holidays?

Recent Results

While telemarketing doesn’t offer the high volume results that direct mail does,

it does offer a high rate of return.

One of our most recent campaigns was for a new client:

Hours Purchased: 35

Total Cost: $1,225

Sales: $50,000

Every practice is different. Results will vary.

We can’t promise that you will also enjoy the almost 4000% ROI…

but telemarketing can definitely help you fill your appointment calendar.

Have questions? Give us a call.


Please note: our office will be closed Thanksgiving and Friday the 28th.

(Consultants will still be available Friday via email for current Beeman customers.)

Last call for Holiday Promotions

We discovered years ago, this amazing format that provided s a gigantic open rate and high response.

The Holiday Invitation Mailers

When we first started out offering marketing services to the hearing aid industry, the Christmas Holiday time was slow for us. Practice owners were hesitant to spend marketing dollars during the Holidays, thinking customers would not want to spend money on something like a hearing aid during the gift buying season.

Not anymore.

With the Holidays comes lots of time spent with family, and too comes your customer’s realization that the time has arrived to finally do something about that hearing loss.

In comes your friendly invitation to offer help.

Our invitation format looks like a greeting card from the outside, providing great open rates.

Once opened, your customer is not tricked into yet another salesy pitch – but invited to a special Holiday open house to receive something he or she really need for the Holidays – help with a hearing loss!

We know there are plenty of busy practice owners out there that may not be realizing that the final holiday deadline is fast approaching…

so here is your reminder note to call now. 

Don’t miss your chance to finish up 4th quarter with a bang.

All Christmas Holiday promotions must be finalized by Friday, Nov 14th. 

(And then get going on your New Year and Valentine promotions too!)

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Here’s to a great end to your year and a very happy holiday season.

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