How to turn Motorsports into a hearing aid marketing opportunity

Motorsports & Hearing Aid Sales

How to turn a motorsports event into a community outreach and boost your hearing aid sales all at the same time.

Recently we took our three kids to a Monster Jams monster truck show at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan (go Lions).

All of my kids love the super loud, cartoon-like, monster trucks, but especially our youngest, Dash.

Before we headed to Ford Field in Detroit for an evening of crush ‘em up fun… I made sure that I headed to our local Walmart to stock up on ear protection for all 5 of us.

Because I – a hearing aid marketing professional – am starting to suspect that I may have the beginnings of hearing problems as the result of years of enjoying Motorsports. (Ironic, yes.)

And I don’t want the same thing to happen to my children.

A quick backstory to prove my point & tie in how this relates to you. (it will be quick, I promise)

I grew up with a father that loved anything that was loud and went fast. As a kid, I spent my summer weekends in the 80s and 90s at the dragstrips in Michigan as one of his “pit crew”.

In the winters it was snowmobiles (at least we wore helmets then) and mixed throughout the year were monster truck shows, demolition derbies (which he also raced in for a couple years), tractor pulls, stock car races and motocross shows.

Typical motorsport fan stuff.

But when I was a kid, we just never really talked about hearing protection.

It wasn’t my Dad’s fault. No one really talked about it then. At least not where I lived as a kid in small town in Michigan.

If it was something extra-heart-thumpingly-loud – like a jet car – then we put our hands over our ears. That was just the way it was. (cringe worthy, I know)

It was a sign of toughness to expose yourself to the loudest sounds possible.

The louder the better.

It was just something that was ingrained in the culture of Motorsports.

See this article discussing the same topic

and how NASCAR legend Richard Petty

lost his hearing.

I was a tomboy and wanted to be tough and cool like my Daddy and his friends.

Now I am starting to suspect that I could have the beginnings of a hearing loss.

As are, I am sure, many Motorsport fans my age and older.

So you are probably wondering how all this all relates to you and how this can help you increase your business now?

I’m getting to that I promise.

Sadly, even with all of the efforts today to spread awareness of hearing protection, at that Monster Jams show at Ford Field in Detroit, MI in 2016 – I saw plenty of adults (and sadly many kids) that did NOT have protected ears.

That’s my family with full hearing protection intact!

In Monster Jams defense, they do sell hearing protection at the show but it is pricey. I even saw one little girl wearing winter earmuffs. (I guess that is at least better than nothing.)

What I DID see were sponsor booths. And a lot of them.

The local radio station’s sponsor booth was giving out free tattoos with the radio station logo … and families were flocking to them.

Then a lightbulb went on in my head and I knew that I had to write this blog.

Here is where your opportunity comes in!

Take motorsport events as an opportunity for you to help your community, spread hearing health awareness AND to increase business for your Audiology or Hearing Care Practice

… all at the same time.

Because in the end, while it is a great and wonderful thing to help your community… you have to make money too to stay in business.

So combine the two and make the most of it!

Almost every community has some sort of Motorsports show in the area. Whether it’s a big time Monster Truck show or NASCAR race or it is a local county fair with a demolition derby or tractor pull.

Who is going to see these shows?

People like me. People who grew up with and love motorsports. And a whole lot of them starting to suspect a hearing loss. Even if they don’t want to admit it.

Here is where you come in.

Call your local venue, whether it is a large stadium or a county fair ground. Both of which are constantly searching for sponsors. (and get on it now because summertime fair season is fast approaching!)

You show up with a booth (or rent one), your signage, and hand out free earplugs.

The University of Wisconsin’s Audiology department

did it at a Tractor-pull show last summer.

You can see pictures here.

So while you are handing out the free earplugs…

offer parents and grandparents a way to sign up for a free hearing test.

  • Bring sign-up sheets to capture information.
  • Offer an extra incentive to obtain those emails, phone numbers and addresses.
    • Hold a drawing for a large gift card or tickets to an exciting Motorsport event in your area (think NASCAR, Monster Jams, Motocross or X Games).

By being a sponsor at an event like this, and giving away earplugs that costs as low as $.10 a pair, you are putting your name right in front of a multitude of people with a high propensity for hearing loss – all while helping the community and giving them a warm fuzzy feeling for your brand.

Even better, order promotional ear plugs with your logo and business name imprinted on the case. (Just google promotional ear plugs, you’ll see all sorts of options and price ranges) This way you are assured to stay “Top of Mind.” (that phrase is starting to get old… but it’s true)

To make it even better still, a few weeks before the event, submit a press release.Post regularly on your social media leading up to the event. Help to spread hearing health awareness and give YOU extra brand exposure, all at the same time.

Now will this give you the volume of traffic that a great direct mail campaign can provide? Absolutely not.

But your marketing plan needs to have a variety of tools for high and low volume – short and long term success.

This is just one successful spoke to add to your marketing wheel that will give you long term results AND you are helping the community… all at the same time.