Secret Ingredients of Successful Direct Mail {Hearing Aid & Audiology Marketing}

What makes a great direct mail product?

Well it’s not macaroons. I just think they are pretty. I have included a list of ingredients that combine to create a powerful recipe for a successful hearing care direct mail promotion. Direct mail is essential for a successful and profitable hearing care practice.  It should be the backbone of any marketing plan.  But it is not the cheapest medium out there.  The last thing you want to do is throw your money at an advertising company without doing your research first.

With these ingredients, your direct mail investment should pay off off with a large boost in sales. 

Urgency – you need a great call to action and a time limit. Otherwise your mail piece will be put aside and forgotten.

Timing – The production of your mail should be planned in such a way that it arrives in homes with enough time to respond before a promotion. Certain days of the week are also better for responses than others and holidays need to be figured into your promotion schedule as well.

Quality of mailing list – make sure your marketing company is using a high quality data company the compiles results from multiple sources and updates the data monthly.

Last but not least…

Aesthetics – when looking for great direct mail, you want quality design but keep in mind your target market.

Sometimes the simplest looking designs bring in the highest responses.

Also, something you think looks “cute” may not be right for your brand.

Or maybe you are thinking something “high tech” or uber professional is ideal for you.

Just beware, being stuck on one certain design style can backfire and potentially overwhelm or confuse your potential customers.

{However, this does not mean that you need to settle for ugly direct mail either!}

During the proofing, keep in mind the elements that have proven successful while still accurately representing your practice.

A good direct mail company should be able to help you chose the right message and format for your territory while staying true to your brand.

At Beeman, we offer 100% customization of all of our “stock” designs and messages. This allows you to use the “guts” of our mail pieces to ensure success while staying true to your brand identity. Our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure the right message, format and aesthetics for each unique practice and territory.

For the best direct mail results – keep it simple, use high quality, pay attention to timing – but make sure your direct mail represents your practice and how you want to be perceived.