New Holiday Pieces & Formats for 2017

New Holiday Pieces & Formats for 2017 – Direct Mail for Audiologists, ENT’s and Hearing Aid Dispensers

Let’s talk Santa Claus and snowflakes! Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Families get together for a Holiday meal. The little ones are running to Grandpa to tell him about the latest event at school. Then Grandpa realizes that he just cannot hear those sweet little words. Grandma looks at him frowning. The adult children are concerned and discuss that it may be time for a hearing aid.

Perfect time for your gorgeous new Holiday mailer to appear in the mailbox.

Format: The Ornament Plastic Card

The basic plastic card design has worked great for our clients all over the country. We are excited to unveil this new plastic card design with two punch-out’s – a gift card and a keepsake ornament.

Why It Works:

This is not your everyday piece of mail that arrives in your mailbox!

The gorgeous full color design and unique format alone make it stand out from the rest. Once your client has this piece in hand, they can then punch out the gift card with your practice information to bring to their appointment as well as a keepsake ornament to remind them of your event dates. This exciting new piece ensures that your brand stays at the top of their mind.

Available in two new Holiday designs.

Format: The Bi-fold Invitation Style with Insert

The format itself is a tried and true design at Beeman. We have many different themes utilizing the same format, layout and similar message.

Why It Works:

During the holiday season this format is especially effective.

Every part of it – from the envelope with the Holiday stamp to the gorgeous full color greeting card style message. All displaying a gentle invitation to your practice. This hearing aid direct mail piece works to keep your marketing message in your customer’s hands (and out of the trash). This format is especially popular with Audiology and ENT practices.

New Hearing Aid direct mail

Bi-fold Invitation designs for the 2017 Holiday Season:

The Holiday Floral

A nostalgic floral design that gives your client that Holiday warm & fuzzy feeling.

The Modern Holiday Minimalist

For those of you looking for that more modern hearing aid direct mail, with a look to fit in with your branding. This piece still has a gorgeous design paired with a more modern aesthetic.

Please note:

All Holiday designs can be used in any format – from postcard to 4 card envelope.

Also available with colored envelopes. Ask your Beeman consultant for pricing and for recommendations on formats that would be best for your unique practice and territory.

Of course, there are still our traditional and ever popular Beeman Holiday designs. See more Holiday hearing aid direct mail designs here:

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Deadlines for Christmas pieces are November 6th, and 13th so don’t delay!