1 Simple Way to Boost Sales Now

3rd Party = Better Conversions

Your marketing efforts do not end once your direct mail is sent. That’s why we offer free reception staff training and tips to our direct mail clients.

Our top suggestion:

Ask the potential customer to bring a 3rd party to the appointment.


You are most likely aware of this… but use this as a refresher or as a topic to discuss with your reception staff.

* A 3rd party – whether that may be a spouse, child, friend or caretaker, – who interacts with your patient on a daily basis may help your patient (and you) to better understand how the hearing loss is affecting his or her daily life.

* It is always good to have a second set of eyes and ears when going over the hearing test to help your patient retain information and clearly understand the issues.

* Having a 3rd party present potentially eliminates the need for the patient to leave the office to discuss financials with the spouse.

* Never underestimate the value of the “Familiar Voice Test.” Hearing the familiar voice of a loved one is critical for your patient to understand the benefits and value of purchasing the hearing aid.


Reminders for your Reception Staff:

Ask for 3rd party every time you schedule an appointment.

It can be as simple as “Is there someone who can come with you to your appointment? Maybe a spouse, a child or a close friend?”

If the 3rd party is not available during your promotion dates, offer to schedule into the following week and extend the promotional offer for your potential patient.

If the patient asks “Why?” Then discuss the benefits of the “Familiar Voice Test.”

Follow these guidelines and you will see a definite increase in your “units sold” conversion rate.