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Small town, big experience

We are a local hearing aid marketing agency based in Williamston, Michigan that serves clients throughout the country. Our crew comes from various walks of life and has over 50 years of marketing experience combined.

How it all began...

Beeman Marketing began in 2004 when Alex Hughes decided that he wanted to share his marketing experience and achievement in the hearing industry with other Hearing Care Practitioners and Audiologists around the country. As part owner of a thriving hearing care practice, Alex saw how essential a well thought out marketing plan can be to a practice’s success. After listening to others in the industry describe their struggles with finding the right marketing mix, Alex decided to focus solely on marketing and spreading his knowledge with other practitioners in the U.S.

Our experience...

President, Alex Hughes’ experience in the hearing industry spans over 50 years of family involvement. In the 1960’s Alex’s great-grandfather told his son-in-law, Robert “Bob” Hughes, that he had concerns about his hearing. After seeing the options available to his father-in-law, Bob decided to enter into the industry himself. Bob Hughes became passionately involved in the hearing care community in Michigan. With his father-in-law helping with the marketing and his wife, Mary, working by his side he grew his own practice. He eventually served as Secretary of the Michigan Hearing Aid Society, representing independent Hearing Aid Dealers in Michigan. Bob and his wife later moved to Orange County, California where they owned and operated several successful hearing care centers until their passing in the late 1990’s.

Five members of the family are currently in the hearing industry. Alex grew up hearing stories of his grandfather’s success in the hearing industry and with test boards on his kitchen table while his mother worked as a hearing care practitioner. Although Bob and Mary are no longer with us, their passion for the hearing industry lives on in their children and grandchildren.

President, Alex Hughes, went on to co-own a successful hearing practice with other members of the family. Alex was searching for marketing companies that would help grow the hearing practice.

Fast-forward to now...

Today Alex, his wife Nikki, and the entire Beeman Marketing team strive to be the most innovative, full-service marketing company for the Audiology and Hearing Care Industry. A company that Audiologists and Hearing Care Practitioners around the country can turn to for all of their marketing needs. We provide everything from direct mail to digital marketing campaigns. You can always count on excellent customer service, and continued marketing success for your practice. Contact us now and let us share our industry experience, and family’s success with you.

Meet our team

Alex Hughes

President & CEO

Nikki Hughes

COO & Creative Director

Derek Van Dyke

Sr. VP Marketing & Sales

Kohl Tyrrell

Business Development Manager

Cyle Risinger

Marketing Manager

Lisa Streng

Campaign Reporting Manager

Amber Fuller


Jennifer Wing

Digital Media Manager

Ava Hughes

Design Assistant

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