“I would like to commend Alex Hughes and the team at Beeman Marketing for the great job they consistently do for our Hearing Aid company. There are many direct mail companies soliciting for our business, but Beeman Marketing has shown me the creativity and professionalism that continues to earn my business. When I place an order with Beeman, I can count on the job getting done right, and getting out on time. The graphic artists are exceptional, and I find myself making few or no changes once I receive my first proof for a new direct mail piece. Managing an aggressive marketing campaign for three busy offices has been made much easier since we have been using Beeman Marketing. The call source tracking system that is included with our direct mail orders from Beeman makes it easier to track and evaluate our progress and success. Again, thank you for a great partnership Alex, and all the staff at Beeman Marketing.” – Mark D. J., A.C.A., BC–HIS

“I am an audiologist who opened a private practice two years ago. Being familiar with hearing aid manufacturer marketing departments, they are who I used for advertising. After having average marketing results through manufacturer marketing, luckily I received an advertisement for Beeman Marketing and gave them a call. After having a conversation with one of their marketing consultants, Derek, he asked me how I wanted to market my practice. After giving him what I thought was the best way to grow my practice, he came straight out and informed me that he respected my ideas but that was not going to work. After about a thirty minute conversation with him I realized that marketing was his specialty and not mine so I said let’s give this a shot. I really believe that my decision to work with him has been the biggest contributing factor of why my office is where it is at today. I really like the fact that they manage your marketing more than just advertise for you. I have been using them for a year and a half now and will continue to do so in the future.” – Clay G., M.S., F–AAA

“Thank you again for all that you do. We have increased sales in these first 5 months by more than 70% over last year!” – Kerry H., HIS

“Having done my research about marketing options for the hearing health care industry and trying many different approaches, I can say that the best experience I have had is with Beeman. We are a single office, three generation family owned business, and we did not want to compromise our image. Derek worked with me to get a piece designed that we were comfortable with but also something that would actually make the phone ring. In addition to the piece itself being mailed and delivered exactly when it needed to be, we also received a tracking report every day of the previous days calls with recordings so we know who was calling and if the calls were being handled correctly. Thank you to Beeman for working with our somewhat picky view of how we want our marketing to appear and making it into something that will actually get people in the office.” – Dan, Practice Owner

“We have been using Beeman Marketing for 4 years and have been very pleased. Beeman has great lists, effective mailers, and fast service! They are very flexible and can design and launch a mail piece on short notice. Not only has Beeman’s products & services been better than other companies we’ve worked with, they’re also the best value for the money. For consistent mailings, fast service, and great value, quit shopping and call Beeman.” – Kathleen D., HIS

“I would like to recommend Beeman Marketing as the choice for hearing aid dispensers to substantially expand their business. Our company has been in business for a little over one year and we are trying to expand our market share in our region. Beeman Marketing has been key in our ability to gain 10% of the market share among 8 other competitors in our first year. Overall, Beeman Marketing has been our most cost-effective marketing tool and their very reasonable cost beats any other direct mail firm we contacted.” – Ron K., BC–HIS

“We recently began using Beeman Marketing and have been very pleased with the results. The response rate we get has been higher and the cost has been lower than other direct mail companies we have worked with. Working with Beeman Marketing has been a real pleasure. They really take the time to advise us on the best way to grow our business. I can wholeheartedly recommend Beeman Marketing.” – Michael J. K., Owner

“Beeman Marketing has been a great asset to my companies’ marketing needs. He is knowledgeable, willing to listen to my ideas, easy to work with and patient with me as well. I recommend Beeman Marketing to anyone looking to have help with their marketing and mail tracking. The pieces that Beeman Marketing put together are unique and more importantly, they work. It brings in phone calls and keeps my calendar full.” – Jim S. BC–HIS

“Thank you Beeman Marketing, You are Awesome!! Tell your boss that you are the best I’ve worked with in thirty years. Or I can!” – John, Practice Owner

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Beeman Marketing and Derek Van Dyke for a while now and have been very impressed! If you want to add value to your relationships with your customers, you have to use Beeman Marketing. They have many proven marketing pieces that work, and work very well! They understand the various markets and what pieces are yielding positive results! Derek has been great to work with, as his follow up is second to none. Derek goes the extra mile to make sure that you and your customers are happy. If there is a problem or challenge throughout the process, Derek will immediately make it right. If need be, through Beeman’s call tracking, Derek will use the call records as an opportunity to educate and train your customers on maximizing and scheduling appointments. Derek’s focus is on your customer’s success! He knows that it’s only through their success that he will earn your confidence and repeat business, which he has done with me and my company. Beeman Marketing and Derek were referred to me though another co-worker and he is now one of my primary go-to’s for any marketing events, ranging from direct mail to open house invites. Because Beeman has many proven options that work, you can rely on them to keep your marketing campaigns fresh, and your customers happy with their results! If you really want to grow your business, add value, and have satisfied customers who appreciate your effort in helping them to grow, you need to work with Derek and Beeman Marketing today!” – H.S. – Manufacturer, Regional Sales Manager

“My customers really like working with Derek because he takes the time to evaluate their calls and follows up with them on their strengths and weaknesses. He makes well thought out suggestions that are valuable and appreciated.” – Linda, Manufacturer Regional Sales Manager

“We have used Beeman Marketing on several occasions and have found their direct mail pieces to be very professional and effective. We will continue to use the services of Beeman in our marketing mix.” – Terry R., Au.D.

“Beeman marketing has consistently performed for our clinic. I’m sure that there are several good choices for direct mail but I am loyal to Beeman because of the attention to detail I get. Beeman Marketing goes to great length to manage our marketing investment. He coaches me on pertinent demographic statistics. He watches deadlines. He follows through to make sure that the pieces are actually being delivered. He evaluates the important statistics and offers critique and coaching for my front office staff, based on recorded inbound calls. I have three to four companies that hound me monthly to “try” them. Honestly, I usually listen to their proposals and evaluate their collateral. I just always go back to the fact that I trust Beeman Marketing and enjoy working with him” – Wayne M., Practice Owner

“Beeman Marketing has always been attentive and mindful of my wishes and his follow up is superb. He is considerate of the knowledge I have of my market and doesn’t simply throw stock pieces at me and say ‘these will get you XXXXX calls’. He has been very helpful in organizing campaigns and especially diligent on measuring ROI along with me. He uses CallSource effectively. I don’t think there is anything I would change about the way Beeman Marketing operates. From planning to design to billing I haven’t had any issues. My manufacturer was helpful with marketing but because of my busy schedule, I would often let deadlines creep up on me. When I started working with Beeman Marketing, he understood I needed support and stepped in and reminded me of my schedule when needed. No one else has ever done that.” – Wesley M. BC–HIS, ACA

“Beeman did such an elegant piece for us during the holidays. I really liked how classy and educational they looked, compared to previous mailers we had done with other companies. I also appreciated the daily run downs of calls. I felt we were working as a team to help build my business. We did another mailer during Mardi Gras Season. [Being in New Orleans] Mardi Gras usually kills our business, since we are not into tourism :). It was insane! I can’t believe how WELL it worked. 50 documented calls and 21 appointments. And they are still coming in. So this is exactly what we needed. It was a huge morale booster for February. Thank you, Beeman!” – Michele S. Au.D., CCC-A, Owner

“I would like to take a moment to thank you Alex & Beeman for our partnership. We are going on our fourth year together and I must say your mailers work. I also want to thank you for not only doing our mail but also advising us earnestly as to the “better” times to do mail as well as when to “scale back”. Other marketing companies are more interested in their own bottom lines and don’t necessarily give accurate assessments of current marketing conditions. I feel you are not only knowledgeable about our industry but furthermore about trends. I look forward to a symbiotic relationship for many years and wish continued success for both our companies in the future.” – Paul L., CEO Paul L.

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