How Direct Mail Influences Consumer Behavior

Customers today are bombarded by messages, logos, and slogans. If you want your practice’s marketing to stand out and get people to notice your products and brand over other options available, you need to understand how consumers make purchasing decisions, otherwise known as consumer behavior.  Consumer behavior looks at the many reasons why people buy […]

Why Direct Mail Works

Aaron Montgomery Ward is considered the inventor of mail order processes and direct marketing; he created his mail-order business in 1872, launching with a one-page catalog. Richard Warren Sears followed soon after in the 1880s, mailing flyers to rural and small-town customers to sell watches, the first instance of reaching customers directly through the mail […]

10 Ways to Market your Practice Leading up to Christmas

With the holidays quickly approaching, if you haven’t already locked in your holiday marketing strategy now is the time to really get planning! We’ve composed a list of ten ways to market your practice specifically leading up to Christmas! 1. Themed Google Ads The holiday season is a great time to put out ads that […]