How to Turn a Heat Wave into More Appointments

Is this heatwave affecting your appointment rate?

Are your patients reluctant to leave the house? Or are your “no-show” rates higher than normal?

We can’t change the weather – or cool down your city – but we do have recommendations for turning a hot and sticky situation into a positive one for your AudiologyENT or hearing care practice.

1. Keep it Cool

Now is not the time to skimp on the air conditioning to save money. Yes, it’s better for the environment –  but you need to keep your patients comfortable. Especially when your patients are predominately the Senior market.

2. Extra Resources for Hot Spots

Is your practice in an older building? Or do you have a room that just doesn’t cool off enough? Bring in a fan. Consider a stand alone cooling unit if its really bad. If your patients are heating up or uncomfortable in your office, it will make the sales process even tougher for you and your chances of losing the sale will greatly increase.

3. Offer Refreshments

Think outside of the Coffee and Tea box. Bring in Lemonade and ice cold water. Make it pretty and appealing. Use a glass pitcher with slices of lemon, lime, orange or mint sprigs. Keep a cooler and ice handy to freshen it up. Chilled glasses would be even better (just keep them in a cooler).

Think of cooling snacks too. Peppermint candies. Fresh fruit. If you have a freezer in your office, offer a Popsicle!

When setting the appointment, let the patient know what’s waiting for them. “Come in out of the heat in our nice cool office. We have lemonade and fresh fruit waiting for you!”  (Come to think of it, this would also be a great social media post for you! Go ahead and steal it. I don’t mind.)

A little extra effort can go a long way with decreasing the no-shows and not only making the sale, but keeping your patients happy and obtaining the “golden patient” – one who refers!