Meet Your Call Analysts & Why You Need One

Meet Your Call Analysts

& Why You Need One for Your Audiology, ENT or Hearing Care Practice

At Beeman, we offer call tracking and analysis reports to our direct mail clients.

Every Beeman mail piece contains a tracking number that records and logs your calls. During your promotion, our call analysis team reviews the status of your calls and compiles reports on the status of your promotion such as:

> Are your phones working correctly?

> Maybe the receptionist is confused about the details of your offer?

> Do you have too many calls going to voice mail?

These are just a few things our analysts are looking at. These any many other situations can arise and skew the success of your direct mail event.

Our goal is to catch the issues –  enabling you time to correct and continue with your successful event.

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The popularity of this service has exploded and so we are happy to announce that we have recently bolstered our staff to keep up with demand.

Here is a little bit about our Busy Bees and how they are hard at work perfecting your hearing aid marketing.

Meet Lisa

Lisa has an extensive history in sales, customer service and management. She is listening to your calls every day, compiling the statistics and alerting our sales staff of any issues that may arise – whether it be a receptionist confused about a promotion or issues with your phone line. This helps to avoid costly mistakes and help to ensure a successful promotion! (She dosen’t like her picture and will probably be mad at me for posting it here but I think it’s adorable!)

Meet Alison

Alison is one of our original call analysts that helped us to begin and perfect our unique call analyst service. Alison’s background includes customer service and office management. Together Alison and Lisa are listening to your calls, compiling your reports and preparing suggestions that will help to increase your promotion success. (I also think Alison’s picture is adorable!)

Meet Bill

Bill recently graduated with his MBA in Business Administration and is a self-proclaimed spreadsheet wizard. Bill goes over your reports with a fine tooth comb and helps to crunch the numbers – helping us to gauge your promotion and what exactly is working for you (and what will continue to work for you in the future).

Bill is also responsible for assisting with compiling your mailing lists. Bill takes your in-house “Do Not Mail” requests, ensures that all records are removed from your current mail list, and prepares the list for our printing facility and our shipment house. (As well as being a very snappy dresser. Love the bow-tie Bill!)