Top 5 Hearing Aid Marketing Tips for the Summer Months

Summer is just around the corner! For most of us, summer means enjoying the better weather and fun with family and friends. But as hearing aid marketers who are accountable for results all year long, we should be aware that this change in season can have an impact on response.

“Knowledge is of no value
unless you put it into practice.”

– Anton Chekhov, iconic writer and dramatist.

Busier social calendars and hot weather can alter people’s moods and subsequently shift how and they react to our marketing efforts.  So as savvy hearing aid marketers, we need to be aware that summer is a different season of marketing and consider altering our approach.If you’ve experienced a change in response during the summer months in the past, then why not decide to try something new?

5 Things you Can Do Differently
to Market Hearing Aids More Effectively in the Summer

  1. Change Formats and Messages
    If you use direct mail, try implementing different messages and formats of direct mail than what you and your competition normally use.  Be sure to measure response based on year-over-year performance rather than what is typical. It’s true that response is usually a bit lower than normal, but there is still plenty of ROI to be had in the summer – Especially when some of your competition decides to sit on the sidelines.
  2. Upgrade your Offers
    If it’s more difficult to motivate someone to take action then let’s give them an offer that’s more compelling and unique.  Lunch-and-Learn Events have been successful in summer months for this reason. Sure, it cost you a little more time and money, but it might take a $10 meal to get an inactive senior outside!
  3. Consider a Different Marketing Channel
    If active people are even busier in the summer months, then it would make sense to use a medium that reaches people when they are on the go – like radio.  And you might find mass media advertising in your area is more affordable than you thought. Check it out.
  4. Remarket to your Client Base
    People are in front of family and friends more often in the summer – so naturally this is an opportune time to ask for referral opportunities.  If you have not invested enough time and marketing dollars on remarketing to your client base, start that initiative as soon as possible.  Make sure you are top-of-mind when your customers think about who to recommend to their friends and family.
  5. Do something Inexpensive
    Slower months mean you have more time to do the things you can’t get to when you’re busy.  It turns out that most of the time-consuming marketing activities you can implement are also inexpensive.  Call through your old customer files.  Attend or sponsor a networking or fundraising event.  Exhibit at a community event like a health fair.

Important Last Step: Make a plan and commit to at least TWO of the above ideas. You will get better results if you add several different approaches into your marketing mix.

Yours for better marketing,