Call Tracking
& Coaching

Your marketing efforts don’t end once your direct mail is sent. We want to ensure your staff knows how to respond to incoming calls. Which is why one of our call analysts  accurately tracks the effectiveness of your campaign. You will never question what happened during a call ever again!

Accurately track your direct mail response while getting insight into how the calls are being handled by your staff.

Before executing a marketing campaign we make sure your staff knows what is being sent out, and educate and offer suggestions for answering calls.. This includes the best practices to make the most of new incoming leads.

Your campaign will include a unique phone number. When a call comes in, your direct mail response data is automatically recorded by the tracking system. This gives us (and you) exact data on how effective your mail campaign was.. We will also listen to every call and build a detailed report that will be sent to you. The reports provide further education and suggestions to your team to help them increase appointments and ultimately sales.

“The call source tracking system that is included with our direct mail orders from Beeman makes it easier to track and evaluate our progress and success.”

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