Patient Emails: 3 Easy Ways To Collect Them (& Why You Should)

Email marketing is the basis of any strong digital marketing strategy. Some may argue that it is no longer relevant with the boom of social media, but it is still one of the largest markets and preferred method of communication for many.

Emailing current patients allows you to notify them of upcoming promotions, updates on policies and practices, if they’re due for a checkup, and much more. You can also send quarterly surveys. If it is potential patients you are emailing, you may chose to instead include limited time offers, a short message from the leading practitioner, or reviews left by previous patients.

However, before you start creating the perfect email campaign, you need to collect email addresses from current and potential patients.

How To Collect Patient Emails

  • Facebook Ads is one of the most popular tools for collecting patient emails. They are relatively less expensive, results are seen earlier, and your target customers are easier to reach. Many businesses who used Facebook Ads to collect emails achieved good revenue through their email marketing campaigns afterwards. Facebook Ads are ideal for small businesses that normally struggle to reach a large number of audiences.
  • Many websites are using opt-in pop-ups to get emails for email marketing campaign. The pop-up opens shortly after someone navigates to your website. It should be attractive (users should see a big benefit to provide their emails), well-timed and well-positioned. You can ask customers to provide their email in exchange for relevant tips, an offer, or newsletter.
Collecting patient emails allows you to more directly connect with your audience.
  • The easiest way to collect emails is to add a subscription bar to your website. It may seem like the most obvious, which is why it can be easily overlooked. People who are perusing your website should be able to easily sign up for updates from any pages.

Of course there are many other ways to collect patient emails, so be sure to look into each one for what is best for your practice and marketing strategy.

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