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All of our direct mail campaigns include...

Custom hearing aid direct mail - artfully-crafted and proven to work!

With the digital world we live in, there’s actually quite a bit of nostalgia when it comes to receiving mail. Especially when targeting the aging adult market. Our targeted hearing aid direct mail program offers you the best of both worlds; the ability to reach your ideal prospect (or your internal database) and 100% complete customization to provide the warm-fuzzies needed to convert (and sell more hearing aids!).

Your Audiology direct mail does not need to be ugly to be effective! Drive traffic volume to your practice while staying true to your brand. Our in-house design team utilizes our tested and proven hearing aid direct mail formula while keeping fresh new looks in front of your potential and current hearing aid customers.

From Audiology database mailers to high volume sales letters, to high-class “Lunch & Learn” designs, we have over a decade of experience in hearing aid direct mail that works and looks great too! Use our tested and proven Audiology direct mail designs, or work with our staff to create something unique. See our portfolio of hearing aid direct mail designs here!

Pairing direct mail marketing with email marketing boosts overall mail effectiveness (and vice versa). Let's chat!

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