Online Hearing Tests

A cost-effective and low-risk way to obtain and pre-qualify online leads!

People want convenience, online hearing tests do just that!

In the post-COVID, remote-minded world we live in, online hearing tests have become an increasingly valuable tool for both patients and practice owners. Are you taking advantage of this?

Various studies have shown that online hearing tests are a great, cost-effective way to obtain and pre-qualify new leads!

When you join our online hearing test program, you get...

*Number of tests actually completed varies and is not guaranteed

Get started for a low monthly rate. No long-term contract or down payment required!

Time and again, our research has proven that online hearing tests extract more value out of ad campaigns, especially direct mail!

The online hearing test option is a great way to sort out patients that may not need your help from those that could benefit from your services and want help. It provides you with their results so that you can also see the patient's approximate hearing loss so that you can form a game plan before they come in for an appointment. It is also helps to weed out those individuals who are just looking for "free" stuff, but have no desire to move forward with help. Beeman provides this great option for us to use as part of our marketing tools to reach patients in a unique way.

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