You’re probably well aware of the importance of not only being on social media, but also keeping your accounts active. Countless industry research reiterates the negative impact that having an inactive account(s) can have on your brand. You might be thinking, “Well, this is all fine and dandy, but I don’t have the time.” No problem, that’s where Beeman Marketing comes in. 

Unleash the power of social media without the headache of doing it yourself!


Below are some of our top selling social media services.

account creation

Get up and running online. We'll setup any social media account you need.

account audit

Already online? We'll review and optimize your account(s) for success.

content creation

Having writers block? We can create relevant social content for you.

post scheduling

Don't stop what you're doing to post content, we can do it for you.

review & Mention monitoring

We'll monitor your reviews and alert you of items needing your attention.

social ads

Using advanced targeting, we'll get your practice in front of more people.

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