Twitter: What it is and Why You need it

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In 2020 social media is part of nearly everyone’s life in one way or another. Thanks to smartphones, people can access their social media from anywhere at any time and connect with people across the world. Many people turn to social media when looking for recommendations and reviews for businesses. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another platform, social media is a great way for current and potential patients to connect with your practice

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free, easy to use social media platform with 330 million monthly users. The platform is made up of hashtags, user accounts, retweets, polls, and more. Users follow hashtags and accounts to stay up-to-date on topics they’re interested in. They can also contribute to the conversation by retweeting and adding comments.

How is Twitter Helpful?

Connect with a younger audience. While most Facebook users are seniors, 63% of Twitter users are between the ages of 35 and 65. Diversify your marketing efforts and reach a different audience than you do with Facebook or print marketing efforts.

Keep the discussion going. Twitter allows for conversational, casual, and quick interactions. Using specific hashtags for a series of tweets helps people track conversations and topics. This is helpful for promotions or events. Followers can find information easily in one place by following the related hashtag.

Reach beyond your followers. Sometimes using a common hashtag can drive interactions with your tweets and generate leads. For example, if your practice publishes a motivational post each Monday, add #MotivationalMonday to the tweet. The tweet will then appear on the feeds of your followers and people who follow that hashtag.

Direct traffic to your website. Not only can tweeting build awareness of your practice, but it can also make the content on your website more accessible and sharable.

Managing multiple social media platforms can be overwhelming. It’s important to consider the audience and best practices for each. Don’t know where to start on your social media marketing? Don’t worry! We can help you set up an account, create content, optimize post engagement, and boost posts.