Keeping Your Practice Up to Date with Marketing Trends for 2022

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While you know how important it is to understand the latest advances in hearing aid technology, do you do the same with marketing for your practice?

Marketing is ever-evolving. Those who are quick to adapt are those who see the most success and get the best results. In our lifetime already we have seen incredible changes, from wide reliance on paper signage to announce the opening of a new business to the burst of the internet and all the internet-based tools and platforms that have emerged since.

Technology has changed not only for products but for how we share communication and information related to business. 

For Marketing trends in 2022, there are some new areas of focus, as well as expansion into new areas of existing key marketing practices. Some of the top trends you should be focusing on for the year include:

Social Responsibility Marketing

Socially Responsible Marketing (SRM), sometimes referred to as ethical corporate marketing or green marketing, are practices that some companies adopt to acknowledge the larger social and environmental impacts of their products and services.1

SRM signals to consumers that the company takes responsibility for its impact on society and aims to reduce the negative consequences of its business model and operations.

Focus on Customer Service

Customer service reigns as the key way to distinguish your business from the competition. As stated by James Manderson, VP of Customer Success at customer engagement platform Braze: โ€œBrands that build direct relationships with their customers stand to benefit. Exceptional customer service means higher user lifetime value and lower acquisition costs, resulting in long-term business growth.โ€ 2 Check out our blog post โ€œAre You Missing These 3 Key Customer Service Elements?โ€ to learn more.

Video Marketing

According to a 2021 survey among B2B and B2C marketers in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Japan, 29 percent of respondents said they were planning to leverage short-form video content for the first time in 2022.3

With the rise in the social media platform TikTok came a storm in popularity of short-form videos with engaging, user-generated content. These include interactive and shoppable videos. Also on the rise in popularity are vlogs (video-based blogs) and live streams.

Mobile Marketing

In a survey conducted in January of 2020, responding marketers in the United States indicated that 18.5 percent of their marketing budget was devoted to mobile marketing. This figure has been constantly growing since early 2017.4 The total saw a spike in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak and is still set to reach 23.3 percent in 2022.4

Technology has changed not only for products but for how we share communication and information related to business.

As audiences continue using personal mobile devices for everything from work and school to socializing, shopping, and entertainment at a quickly growing rate, mobile advertising will continue to earn increased budget priority in an effort for businesses to be active in all the same places as their customers.
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With online shopping services booming in sales today, almost anything can be ordered online and delivered conveniently to your front door. With so many online options to choose from, customers can be much more selective.

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